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Death by Sunbathing

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 July 2012)

In Kandıra, Kocaeli, there was an incredible incident.
An unidentified citizen who went into the water on the
Cebeci shore and then lay down to sunbathe was hit by
a vehicle driven by Mustafa Doğru of the Kocaeli
Municipality. First-responders to the accident were
the workers in the vehicle and a nearby ambulance.

The citizen was taken to Kandıra State Hospital but
despite all efforts he could not be saved. Mustafa Doğru,
the driver of the municipal vechicle that transports
lifeguards' jet-skis, was taken into custody by the

Efforts are underway to identify the 50'ish year-old citizen
who died while sunbathing. Gendarmerie officials stated that
the deceased was wearing a ring with the name 'Nevriye'
inscribed in it. The incident and the dead person's
description are being continually announced at mosques
in order to locate the unlucky fellow's relatives.

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