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Wedding Punch With a Kick, Too

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 July 2012)

In Kadıköy, Istanbul, the groom had an argument with
his intended and beat her first in the car and then in front
of the cafe where the wedding was to be held. The
families then went after each other with fists and kicks
so the wedding ended up in the police station.

According to shocked witnesses on Kadıköy's Rıhtım
Avenue, the situation developed as follows: the groom,
İ.Ö., set out in the car of bride-to-be C.A. en route to
the cafe on Rıhtım Avenue. On the way, C.A. said to
İ.Ö.  'your aunt gave me a phony bracelet at our
engagement party.'  In response, İ.Ö. said 'how can you
talk about my aunt that way!'  An argument ensued with
İ.Ö losing his self-control and beating C.A. When they
arrived at the cafe İ.Ö. continued to pummel C.A. and he
pulled out a gun as C.A.'s family tried to intervene.

İ.Ö's family then went after C.A.'s relatives, with the
inter-family battle spilling into the street. And although
İ.Ö.'s relatives tried to calm him down he slipped away
from them to resume beating the now-unconscious C.A.
unremittingly. The relatives and even some passers-by
tried to restrain İ.Ö. but without success.

Police from the Rıhtım Police Station arrived and put an
end to the fighting. Groom İ.Ö. and ten of the bride-to-be's
relatives were taken into custody and released after they
gave their statements.

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