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Wife Feels Wrath of Hungry 'Sultan'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 July 2012)

'Sultan' Zülfikar (in happier times...)

In Fatih, Istanbul, Mahmur Karakule (19) was
stabbed 47 times by her common-law husband
Zülfikar Bakıryapan (24). The murder took place
half an hour after midnight yesterday in the second
floor apartment on Esnafloncası Street in Balat.

Bakıryapan, who has a police record for five separate
instances of robbery and narcotics crimes, has lived
with Karakule for seven years and constantly beat her.
Yesterday the violence turned into a knife attack when
Karakule didn't prepare the meal Bakıryapan requested.
He then grabbed a knife and stabbed her.

Bakıryapan brought the weapon he used for the crime
and his two children (5 and 1.5 years old), in front of
whom he murdered Karakule, to the police station and
turned himself in. After his confession Bakıryapan was
brought to the crime scene where he was confronted with
the lifeless body of Karakule, bearing the 47 stab wounds.
The woman's body was first brought to Vakıf Gureba
Hospital and then to the morgue at the Forensic Medicine

A neighbor lamented that 'the girl has been suffering with
that guy since she was 14 years old, living in torture.
Perhaps she's now at peace in her grave.'

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