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Supergramps Waterlogged But Happy

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(Milliyet and Hürriyet Newspapers, 22 July 2012)

Remzi Öztürk (80) lives in the Cünürye neighborhood
of İnebolu district in Kastamonu province. He went
into the sea in front of his house and swam two kilometers
out while Sadiye Öztürk, his wife, watched with binoculars
from their house's balcony. After six hours Remzi had
still not returned so when Sadiye saw her husband
waving his arms she panicked, thinking he was in trouble.

Sadiye notified the Coast Guard command and a team
was dispatched in a dingy. The team reached Remzi but
he refused to get in the dingy and instead swam back to
shore. Remzi explained that 'I was waving to my wife
on the balcony. She thought I was drowning and asking
for help.' A sailor for 60 years, Remzi said that he
floats and sleeps on the water surface for a rest.

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