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Donkey Eats Berries, Death Ensues

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 July 2012)

The late Fahrettin Başkurt

In Atalak village of Çüngüş district, Diyarbakır, Cabir
Koç and his wife and children spread the mulberries they
had collected from the trees in their garden on a sheet
to dry. They then went into their house but a short while
later a donkey belonging to the Başkurt family entered
the garden and ate the mulberries.

Cabir Koç saw this and went to the home of Mahmut
Başkurt where an argument erupted, subsequently
becoming an all-out fight with bats and sticks. Mahmut
Başkurt and his wife Nazlı Başkurt were injured in
the fight, during which Cabir Koç allegedly fired his
revolver. One bullet hit Fahrettin Başkurt (22), a
student at Istanbul Marmara University's Fine Arts
department, in the stomach and he died en route to the

The Gendarmerie imposed strict security measures in
the village and Cabir Koç was arrested.

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