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Transportation Troubles

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 February 2013)
What me worry?

Semsettin Taskiran (22) and his friends were
roaming around the dry river bed between the
Bahcelievler and Adliye Saray neighborhoods
in Denizli on Sunday and made a bet.

Taskiran claimed that he could make it across on
the nearly 30 meter-long water pipe that spans the
river bed but when he got to the middle of the pipeline,
which is 8 meters above ground, he couldn't go any
further. While Taskiran was being rescued by the
fire department his pals laughed their heads off.

Stranded braggart rescued.


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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 February 2013)
No diving allowed.

In Umraniye, Istanbul, a bus crashed into a hydrant following an
accident and the water rushing in from the bottom of the bus made
for rough time for the passengers. Yesterday at 1400 at the Kemerdere
intersection on the Eski Sile Road, the bus, en route on its Uskudar-
Cekmekoy run, was hit by a passing truck. The bus then hit the
hydrant, with the high-pressure water tearing the bus's underbody

The 20 passengers, facing drowning, broke open the windows
with safety hammers and got out. Three injured passengers were taken
to the hospital. One passenger, Zulal Kay, said "a truck hit the bus from
the right side and the bus hit the hydrant. There were kids on the bus and
they were frightened. We got out with great difficulty". Some stores were
inundated, as well.

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