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Albania Wants Paşa's Head Back

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 February 2013)

Tepedelenli Ali Paşa before the ax fell.

The Albanian Government has requested that Turkey
transport the grave of Şemsettin Sami, the father of Ali Sami
Yen and the author of the first Turkish dictionary, along with
the head of Tepedelenli Ali Paşa, to Albania. Albanian Prime
Minister Sali Berişa made the proposal to Turkish Defense
Minister Ismet Yılmaz and AK Party parliamentarian Rıfat
Sait during their Balkan tour.

Tepedelenli Ali Paşa was condemned to death by Sultan
Mahmud II in 1822 and his body is buried in Yanya (present-
day NW Greece).  His head is buried in Zeytinburnu Ayvalık
Cemetery in Istanbul (this is known thanks to a survey of
the cemetery done by Yalova University's Dr. Süleyman Berk
in 2006). Tepedelenli Ali Paşa's head was presented to Sultan
Mahmud II as proof of his demise.

AK Party parliamentarian Sait noted that "these are very
interesting requests. We made note of the request for the
transport of Şemsettin Sami's grave to Albania and Albania
will send an official note to our country. The responsible
officials will make the decision."

//ed. note: Ali Sami Yen founded the Galatasary Sports
Club in 1905.//

Albania, a lost Ottoman jewel.


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  1. Also naim Fraşeri - brother of Şemseddin Sami- is considered as the founder of the Albanian national poetry!