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Trabzon: Image Make-over, Bike Return

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 February 2013)
Mayor on image offensive.

Trabzon's Tonya district, where in the lore of the
Black Sea the words "furdi, furdi, furuldi" (he shot
and shot and then got shot) are said to be written
on tombstones, and which is famed for being the
site of blood feuds, has set out on an interesting
image make-over.

At last week's 7th 'Trabzon from Every Which Way'
festival, held at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Ankara,
Tonya municipality displayed four tombstones, two of
which were taken from an Ottoman period cemetery in
Tonya, at its stand. The tombstones were both frightening
and intersting to citizens.

The reason for displaying the tombstones was Tonya's
reputation as a center for blood feuds. Tonya Mayor
Ahmet Kurt said that "there are guns on the tombstones
reflecting the love the people of the Black Sea region have
for guns. But there's no blood feud. We brought the tomb-
stones here to make this point, taking advantage of this
opportunity. These people died natural deaths. In other
words, "furdi, furdi furuldi" (as said with the Black Sea
accent) or "vurdu, vurdu vuruldu" (normal Turkish spelling)
is not written on tombstones. We've put that image to rest

Mayor Kurt drove home this point by putting a note under
each tombstone: "Died Naturally".


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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 February 2013)
Old friend returns 20 years later.

In Trabzon's Vakfikebir district, Seyfi Cabuk (59), who
has worked as an electrician for 30 years, had the bicycle
he used to use to go to work stolen from in front of his
house in the Buyukliman neighborhood 20 years ago. At
that time he was forced to walk long distances to work
because he had no bicycle anymore. So when he saw the
same bike in front of his house the other day he couldn't
hide his surprise.

Cabuk, who had a hard time remembering the date of the
bicycle theft, said that "a few days ago I noticed a bike
in front of my house as I left for work. There was a note
on the bike that read 'I took this bike from the stairs of
your house 20 years ago and today I brought it back. Please
give me your blessing.' Whether I know him or not he has
my blessing. I can't really get any use out of it now but the
spiritual value is great."

Tonya and Vakfikebir districts on the left.

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