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Informant's Charge Backfires Nicely

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2013)
Now knows he's rich.

A situation you might see in the movies has
happened to Riza Zayifoglu, a member of the
municipal council in Buca, Izmir. Last May
an unknown person sent a letter to the public
prosecutor alledging that after becoming a
member of the municipal council Zayifoglu
had accumulated unjustified wealth.

The prosecutor opened an investigation and
asked Zayifoglu about the allegations in the
letter. In response, Zayifoglu asserted that
"there is no property whatsoever in my name,
my wife's name or my children's names."
The prosecutor, however, confronted Zayifoglu
with official documents from the deed office,
showing that Zayifoglu owns three stores and
two flats in Karsiyaka, as well as a summer
house in Foca.

Zayifoglu was shocked and quickly looked
into the matter. It turned out that "there wasn't
any real estate registered to me but when I
went to the deed office I learned that my aunt,
who died in 1967, left quite a bit of property
to my cousins Aslan and Akif Soylu, who have
since both passed away without any heirs."

"The court put the inheritance in my father's name
but since my father died in 1971 the inheritance
automatically came to me and my siblings. So
I thank whoever it was who informed on me.
Thanks to them I know about this windfall."

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