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Does He Get Air Miles?

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(Takvim Newspaper, 25 February 2013)
Not our hero but he wore such a jacket.

An Atlas Jet airplane that departed from Istanbul's
Ataturk Airport landed in Tehran yesterday morning
at 0300 hours. But as the ground crew unloaded the
luggage from the plane they noticed a person asleep
in the cargo hold. The sleeper was wearing a jacket
belonging to the Celebi Air Services company that
serviced the plane in Istanbul.

At first it was thought that this person was a Celebi
worker who had somehow been left behind in the
hold at Ataturk Airport. It was later learned, though,
that the individual had entered the hold acting as a
Celebi employee. The suspect, whose name was not
released, had come to Istanbul from Van, in eastern
Turkey, 20 days before but ran out of money.

Officials said that the Iranian stowaway was able
to survive in the cargo hold because it is only 5 or
6 degrees colder than the cabin.

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