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Rookie Robber Leaves Own Credit Card

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 February 2013)
Whoops! Forgot my credit card...

In Izmir, a young man gave his credit card to
a jeweler to buy a bracelet and then pulled a
gun on the store owner in a robbery attempt.
When the jeweler sounded the alarm the panic-
stricken youth fled, forgetting his credit card,
and ultimately got caught.

The youth, M.E.A. (20) who is serving in the military
in Kutahya, met a girl from Izmir on the internet
and decided to marry her. M.E.A. took leave from
his unit and went with his father to Izmir's Torbali
district to get engaged. While there, the young man
went to the jewelry store and had three bracelets

M.E.A. gave the jeweler his credit card to pay for
the bracelets but suddenly pulled a gun from his
waist and confronted the merchant, saying "this
is a robbery, if you value your life put the gold
in the bag."  At this point, the jeweler pressed the
alarm button that rings at police headquarters.
Realizing this the young man fled in a panic,
leaving his credit card behind.

Police took the credit card from the jeweler and
reviewed the security camera images. The suspect's
photo was distributed and the town was sealed off.
About 50 minutes later M.E.A. was apprehended
while walking along the street. In order not to be
recognized he had taken off his sweater and hat.
Since he is in the military, M.E.A. was delivered
to the Gendarmerie for prosecution.

M.E.A. explained that he attempted the robbery
after he found out that his intended bride's family
was in financial difficulties.

Torbali just south of Izmir city.

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