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Debtors Celebratized on Facebook, YouTube

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 February 2013)
Reading debtors the riot act on Facebook and YouTube

Ahmet Duzgun has run a grocery store in Ordu
for years and he has lately published the names
of those who haven't paid their credit bills to him
on Facebook and YouTube. Duzgun explained
that among the debtors are some who haven't
paid him in five years so he now says "henceforth
pay your bills!"

Duzgun, who has managed his market in Ulubey
district for 17 years, prepared an "honor list" of
those who shop at his store and put the bill on a
"tab" that they don't ever bother to pay. He read
the list of names one by one on video as he sat
in front of a Turkish flag and said "here's happy
news for the top twenty of you who haven't paid
me since 2008. You pay the big markets when you
have money and when you don't you run up a tab
with small markets like mine."

Duzgun, who also reads off the amount owed,
goes on to say in the video "dear swindler customers
I've made a list for you. The customers I've named
have made the top twenty, I salute you! Let everyone
see what a swindler you are!" The desperate store owner
put the video on Facebook and YouTube and also
published amounts owed on the internet.

Duzgun explained it all as follows: " I tried to get the
money owed me from a customer and he complained
to the police, saying "I fear for my life". Next I called
each of the debtors on the phone but not one of them
called me back. Then the internet came to mind. If
nothing else, it's the internet age. Those who've seen their
names on the list have started to contact me. It's not
easy to make a living. Actually, the list is much bigger
but I chose the most blatent swindlers."

Ulubey next to provincial center Ordu

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