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Cows Edition: Flag and Marriage

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 3 February 2013)
Patriotic cow a walking Turkish flag.

In Osmancik district of Corum province, those
who see the crescent and star on the two and a half
year-old cow owned by Ilhami Ozudogru (38)
are amazed. Ozudogru, who earns his living raising
livestock, said that the speckled cow gradually
showed the crescent and star design as it grew up.
He has 20 cattle 70 sheep and goats. Ozudogru named
the special cow "Baharkiz" (Spring Girl) and noted that
the design (famous for its place on the Turkish flag)
draws everyone's attention.

Osmancik in Corum's northeast.
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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2013)
Bride price.

Without asking his daughter Guller O., Ali O. of Korkut village
in Gumushacikoy district of Amasya province made an agreement
with another family to marry off Guller to their son. According to
the verbal agreement, Ali O. gave his daughter and the groom's
family gave him a cow in exchange. Thinking that Guller wouldn't
mind this arrangement at all, the groom's family delivered the cow
as "cash".

However, when Guller told her father she objected, problems began
to arise at home. Ali. O. told his daughter that "we got the cow, you
have to marry."  He insulted Guller and even resorted to violence
from time to time.  Guller fled to her aunt's house in Ankara and
appealed to family court for protection.  Judge Mustafa Karadag
considered Guller's application and ultimately decided to give the
girl protection.

According to Judge Karadag's decision, Ali O. cannot come near
to the house where Guller is staying, nor can he disturb her by
telephone or any other means of communication.  If Ali O. has
had alcohol to drink he cannot come anywhere near Guller. The
court also ruled that by giving his daughter in marriage for a cow,
Ali O.'s mental health has come into question. Consequently, he
must undergo treatment at a health facility.

Gumushacikoy in the NW of Amasya province

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