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Airborne Cat, Drama Queen Attendant

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(Posta Newspaper, 1 February 2013)

representative cat (actually our editor's family cat Kaplan (Tiger)

An unbelievable incident occurred on Turkish Airlines
flight from Erbil, Iraq, to Istanbul the night before last.
A cat that was brought on the plane with its owner got
out of its cage during the flight and created havoc.

According to airporthaber.com's news, all the passengers
started to go to sleep after the evening meal had been served.
The flight attendants went to the rear of the plane and were
eating their own meals when a cat rushed toward them. The
frightened feline darted from right to left and climbed up to
the knee of an attendant, who then fell and hurt her knee.

The cat that caused panic on the aircraft hid under a seat and
was eventually retrieved and put back in its cage. A young cabin
attendant relayed information about her travail to her colleagues
as follows: "My fingers are still trembling as I write these lines.
Unfortunately, I experienced an unbelievable incident. The cabin
lights had been turned off when all of a sudden a giant (!) creature
was scratching my leg. I have to ask you to imagine this creature
attacking left and right in the galley. If it hadn't taken refuge in
the food trolley it would never have been caught. It was such a
big and heavy cat, but at the same time agile and quick, creating
havoc in the galley. Just unbelievable!"

//ed. note: one wonders how this flight attendant might react to
 a non-cat-related event of a more serious nature.//

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