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Valentine's Day Floral Rivalry Fierce

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 February 2013)
Good as gold on Valentine's Day.

In Cukurova, Adana, the night before last,
two people broke into the Senyilmaz Florist
shop and stole 10,000TL worth of flowers,
including roses, primroses, azaleas, hyacinths,
tulips, impatiens, mini orange blossoms and
lemon flowers. The thieves put the flowers
into a pick-up truck and fled.

When Sadik Senyilmaz arrived at his shop
the following morning and saw that the flowers
he planned to sell on Valentine's Day had all
been stolen he called the police.  After looking
at security camera video, the police determined
that a rival florist from the same neighborhood,
Burak Y., had committed the robbery.

The flowers were found at Burak Y.'s shop
and he and a friend confessed to the floral theft.
The flowers were then returned to Sadik Senyilmaz.

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