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Murder: Overeating and Nail Polish

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 February 2013)

Taking a stand against overeaters.

In Kayseri, market worker Cengiz Alptekin (26) was
eating lunch the day before yesterday at the Tekel
restaurant with his friend Metin Aşmaz (22). Allegedly,
Aşmaz said to Alptekin "You've eaten quite a bit. Now
stop."  An argument ensued and Aşmaz went to his car,
pulled out a pump-action rifle and chased Alptekin as
far as the mosque. Aşmaz then pointed the barrel at
Alptekin and pulled the trigger. Alptekin could not be
saved and Aşmaz was arrested with his rifle.

Curb your appetite in Kayseri...


 nail polish links to original article

Look closely and you can see the nail polish.

(Sabah and Hürriyet Newspapers, 26 February 2013)

In Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Murat Midilli (25) stabbed his uncle
Halim Midilli while arguing with him for disturbing his mother.
Murat Midilli fled the scene, while Halim Midilli was taken
to the hospital where he died.

Murat hid out for a time in a relative's home in Darıca, Kocaeli,
but, thinking that his uncle Halim had not died and was receiving
treatment at the hospital, he hatched a murder plan. Murat donned
a wig, put on make-up and nail polish with the intent of sneaking
into the hospital as a woman and killing his uncle there. However,
police nabbed him as he left his hide-out in Darıca. Murat then
learned that his uncle had died at the hospital. Murat was sent back
to Istanbul.

                                                                 Darıca, noted for its polish, is in Gebze district of Kocaeli province

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