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Turk Vampire on the Mend

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(Sabah Newspaper, 10 February 2013)
Not actually the Turkish vampire, but close.

In the latest issue of one of the world's prestigious
magazines, The Journal of Psychotherapy and
Psychosomatics, there is a medical story about a 23
year-old Turk, who has been established as the world's
first vampire. The young man, who is married, has
been arrested numerous times because of his penchant
for drinking blood.

According to the article, the unidentified man began
to drink blood after a series of tramatic experiences
and it has become a need akin to breathing for him.
At first, the young man injured himself but then others
in order to get blood, to the point where his father, as
a last resort, got blood from a blood bank. At his family's
urging, the young man sought medical help  and
began treatment at a military hospital in Denizli, under
the care of a team headed by Dr. Direnc Sarikaya.

Based on the initial findings, the patient has a multiple
personality disorder, suffers from post-tramatic stress,
chronic depression and alcohol abuse. These symptoms
have lead to the diagnosis "vampire peculiarity".  The
researchers discovered that the patient lost his four month-
old daughter, his uncle died in front of him, a friend
committed a murder he witnessed, his mother attacked
him often during childhood and he cannot recall anything
from ages 5 to 11.

The article reported that while the multiple personality
disorder continues the patient's need to drink blood has

Kidney-shaped Denizli very much
like Transylvania (coincidence?)

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