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Read the Fine Print! Cop Did...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 February 2013)
Mustafa hides, Yucel follows police escort.

In Bursa, a policeman who works at the Istanbul
anti-financial crimes bureau rented a car from Yucel
Car Rental. One month later the policeman received
a notice from the debtors court ordering him to pay
18,000 TL. The policeman learned that he had become
indebted to one Tekin Y. by signing a promisory note.

The policeman filed a complaint and it turned out that
Tekin Y., who has 52 debtor files in the Istanbul and
Bakirkoy Debtors Bureaus, has a relationship with Mustafa
Sayin, the owner of Yucel Car Rental. The finance police
then interviewed the other 51 of Tekin Y.'s supposed debtors
and determined that all of them had become indebted after
renting cars.

Police took Tekin Y., Mustafa Sayin and his son Yucel
Sayin into custody. During a search of Yucel Car Rental
police found a large number of filled-in and blank promisory
notes related to car rental agreements totaling 1,266,000 TL.
The swindlers put fine-print paragraphs at the bottom of
the agreement that indebted the customers.

The gang tied the debt reflected on the promisory notes to
the customers' professions, with debts ranging from 4,000
to 51,000TL.  It has been learned that the gang had started
debt collection processes for 500,000TL against 52 customers
in 10 provinces.  The suspects were arraigned and freed pending
trial, except for Mustafa Sayin who is wanted on another
charge and was arrested.

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