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Vehicular Beauty, Beast

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(Hürriyet Newspaper and Renault Fan Club, 9 March 2013)

Understated it's not...

You've never seen a truck like this one. Owner Nuri Çerçi
introduces us to his homey truck  with pride. Çerçi mostly
drives loads between Istanbul and Antalya. He attached the
lights on the truck afterwards and only lights them when he's
parked. But this unusual highway truck is not just interesting
on the outside, the inside is worth seeing too.

When you open the door it's as if you're entering a warm hearth.
Since the driver's compartment is carpeted you're without shoes.
Even the pedals are carpetted. There are tens of toy animals but
Çerçi focuses on the toy cars he has lined up in front of the
windshield. He wipes them clean each day and lines them up as
he chooses to. It's because Çerçi has a fascination with cars that
he has adorned his truck in this manner.

"I've loved cars since childhood. This is my home, where I spend
most of my time. That why I've dolled it up and made it homey."
For this aim he has spent about 25,000TL. He's turned the truck
into a warm home. Çerçi has put fancy towels and charms in the
front section, along with a chandelier, beads and curtains.

Nuri relaxing in the living room.


beast links to related article

(Posta Newspaper, 23 February 2013)

Special delivery to the emergency room.

In Manisa, the relative of a patient crashed his car
into the emergency room of a hospital because he
was angry at a doctor.  Barış Savaşkan brought his
younger brother Zafer Savaşkan to Celal Bayar
University (CBÜ) Hafsa Sultan Hospital's emergency
room yesterday morning when Zafer complained about
stomach bleeding . Zafer was accepted for treatment
but he then called Barış and complained that no one at
the hospital was paying any attention to him.

Barış then came back to the hospital with some friends
and argued with a doctor there. Along with Zafer, Barış
and his friends left the emergency room, got in their car and
crashed at high speed through the emergency room entrance.
Other patients' relatives in the room were bewildered and
panicked. Barış and the other three people in his car were
arrested by hospital police and security guards. An
investigation into the incident has been begun. 


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