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High-tension Puts Road in Limbo

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(Hürriyet and Radikal newspapers, 8 March 2013)

"Road closed because the high-tension lines weren't moved"

In Geyve district of Sakarya province, a 3,700 meter road
was built to connect Geyve with its neighboring district
Pamukova. However, when a portion of the road was set
too high it came rather close to high-tension lines and despite
the road being finished it could not be opened to traffic.

The firm that won the contract to build the road began the
job two years ago. The road runs alongside the Sakarya River
and fill was used to lay the road 3-4 meters above ground
level. It was finished nearly six months ago but because the
roadway rose to within 3-4 meters of the high-tension lines
the road-building firm asked TEİAŞ (electric utility) to either
raise the lines or move them. TEİAŞ did not respond to the
request and the road was left to its fate.

Meanwhile, the Sakarya River rose and flooded the service
road that links Geyve with the road-building firm's construction
site, cutting off  all access. As for the villagers who own orchards
and fields nearby and drive their tractors along the road, no one
has an answer to their plight.

Geyve and Pamukova districts at bottom, left.

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