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Restroom and Related Activities

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Literally scared shitless.

In Fatih, Istanbul, Huseyin D. was scared out of
his wits while relieving himself. The accident
occurred on the bottom floor of a two-story
building said to be about 50 years old. Huseyin
D. entered the bathroom to take care of business
at about 0800, at which time the toilet in the home
of Saban G. on the floor above came crashing

Huseyin escaped injury and his wife called for
help from the fire department and other offices.
Firefighters closed off access to the building and
all nearby roads were closed to traffic and


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 March 2013)

Bathroom cleaners at the Suleyman Demirel Culture
Center in Kocaeli, where hundreds of people come and go
each day and where 135 actors work, found a secret camera
a few days ago in the restroom. When police examined
the camera, though, they found that the person who placed
the camera had accidently taken a picture of himself.

The secret photographer turned out to be E.D., the brother of
S.D., who runs the cafeteria at the center. Police took
statements from S.D. and officials at the center but E.D.
remains at large. S.D. was shocked by the development
and said that E.D. sometimes helps out in the cafeteria but
doesn't work there.
E.D.'s photo haven, but one picture too many.


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Whoa! Saints be praised!

People who used the touch screen that Bursa officials
placed at the tomb of Suleyman Celebi were greeted
by pornographic pictures on the screen. Culture
and Tourism Bureau officials quickly shut down the

Bureau chief Ahmet Gedik confirmed the porno complaint
but another official, Zeki Beyhan, stated that the views
weren't pornographic and, in any event, resulted from a
problem with the screen's presentation. Beyhan promised
that the system would be fixed and back in service soon.

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