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Diving Rod Treasure Hunt

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 16 March 2013)
Dig We Must!

In Mersin, miner Hikmet Rencber (55), believing
that a great treasure lies beneath the ground, applied
to the Culture and Tourism Ministry seven months
ago for excavation permission. Rencber was given
a license to dig a 100 square meter area on the slope
of a hill. Under the supervision of officials and
spending 150,000TL, Rencber began to dig.

Rencber explained that there is a legend in the
region about the treasure and he claimed that the
diving rod he uses has confirmed this. He asserted
that by holding the rod parallel to the ground, one
digs where the rod bends towards a certain point.
In the jargon of miners this means that "a metal
reserve is present." Rencber said that "I felt this
energy from 1.5 kilometers away."

Rencber also claimed that he had observed the
underground treasure using special equipment.
He added that "everything that comes out will
go to the state. Then a commission will assess
its value and we'll get our share. We think there
is 3,000 year-old gold in large containers in a room
2-3 square meters in size, 24 meters underground.
Our estimate is that this underground treasure is
enough to pay off all of Turkey's debts."

Curious citizens are observing the ongoing dig
with great excitement. Police teams are on duty
24 hours a day in the area. Some of the spectators
said that such a treasure has been talked about for
years but everyone thought it was just a legend.

Divine treasure in Mersin.

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