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Revenge Edition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 March 2013)
Canadian days all in the past.

Yesterday morning in Gebze Hikmet Dasdemir
was killed by thirteen bullets. The suspects caught
after the incident are relatives of someone Dasdemir
killed in Canada 6 years ago.  The incident occurred
at 1746 Street in Gaziler neighborhood of Gebze.

According to information that has been obtained,
while Dasdemir was walking along the street yesterday
morning at about 7 o'clock, he got into an argument
with some people in a car. One of the individuals in
the car got out and shot the fleeing Dasdemir 13 times,
with four of the bullets hitting him in the head.

A citizen hearing the gunshots alerted the police who
came and found Dasdemir's body, which was taken to
the Gebze morgue. The suspects were captured in Bolu
in the evening and brought to the Kocaeli police
headquarters.  They were identified as Tayfur Y.(26),
his father Timur Y.(44) and uncle Cemal Y.(50).

Dasdemir allegedly killed Engin Yilmaz in Canada in
2007 for some unknown reason. After four years in
prison, Dasdemir settled in Kocaeli. It is claimed that
the suspects, who came from Agri, said that they killed
Demirtas, whose address they had learned, in connection
with a blood feud between them. The suspects were
given phsical exams and their processing continues at
police headquarters.


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 28 March 2013)
Wife-snatcher met his doom here.

Sukru Uymaz (34), who has two children,  divorced his
wife three months ago. Ten days ago, while en route to
Samsun, Uymaz abducted the wife of his former neighbor
Niyazi Y. and brought her to Corlu. Yesterday morning
Uymaz boarded a service minibus at the Sifa intersection
to go to thefactory where he works.

As the minibus approached Eski Mezarlik Street, Niyazi Y.
(33), who was sitting in the back, came alongside Uymaz
and to the shock of the 10 people in the minibus said to
Uymaz "whose wife are you stealing?", simultaneously
plunging a knife into Uymaz's throat. Niyazi Y. stabbed
Uymaz three more times before fleeing the scene.

The factory workers in the minibus appealed for help from
a nearby hospital, where, despite all efforts, Uymaz died.
Uymaz was carrying a 7.65mm revolver and 6 bullets when
he was stabbed. Niyazi Y. had boarded the minibus as if he
were a worker and the other passengers thought he was a
employee of a subcontractor.

Corlu a long way from Samsun.

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