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TV Host Rescues Gouged Commuters

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 March 2013)

Floating cash-cow reined-in.

The Istanbul Municipal Transportation Coordination
Center (UKOME) designated 0600-0800 hours to be
the rush hours for the Harem-Sirkeci car ferry and 1600-
2000 hours for the reverse run. IDO (Istanbul Ferry
Company) then decided to increase prices during these
hours, ostensibly to encourage customers toward non-peak

However, Fatih Portakal, the host of FOX TV's Alarm Clock
program, had lawyer Rezan Epözdemir file a suit against
the Istanbul municipality. As a result, the Istanbul 1st
Administrative Court declared that the municipality's
action was contrary to the public interest and voided UKOME's

Additionally, the court decreed that the municipality would
have to reimburse Fatih Portakal 152 TL in court costs and
600 TL for the lawyer's fee. In the court ruling, it was stated
that although IDO has been privatized, it is providing public
service and raising prices during rush hours is unjust, as is
trying to extract maximum profit.

The court's decree reads as follows: "It is not possible for
commuters to avoid using the ferry going to and from work
during the hours of 0600-0800 and 1600-2000 and for them
to use ferry runs at other times. Essentially, the defendent
(UKOME) and IDO's aim is not to channel commuters to
other times but, just the reverse, to extract the maximum
profit from the heavy commuter traffic during rush hours."

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