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Stingy Dad's Ripple-effect Wounding

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 March 2013)


Chain-reaction anger victim.

An indictment has been prepared in connection
with the firing of a Kalishnikov rifle bullet and
the wounding of a bus passenger as the bus was
passing by Metris Prison during its Mecidiyekoy-
Cebeci run in Istanbul. A penalty was requested in
the indictment for a soldier who "got mad at his
father because he wouldn't send him money. The
soldier at the prison barracks then fired into the
air in anger."

In the indictment, pepared by Judicial Lieutenant
Akif Duzgun, information was given to the effect
that suspect Emrah Tekin was standing guard at
the Metris Barracks between 1130 and 1330 hours.
At 1310 Tekin fired his Kalishnikov infantry rifle
and the bullet struck the compainant Sukru Akpinar.
An empty cartridge casing was found next to the
guard shack and a bullet shell was found in the bus
and it was determined that both of them came from
Tekin's rifle.

In his statement included in the indictment Tekin
said that one hour prior to taking up his guard
duty he had spoken with his father and asked him
for money. When the father refused Tekin got upset
and later fired his rifle into the air while on guard

Tekin was charged with "negligent wounding"
and a sentence of between 4.5 months and 1.5
years was requested in the indictment.

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