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Cleopatra Had Kid Sister Bumped Off!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 March 2013)
Princess Arsinoe...she's no Liz Taylor.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, accepted as one of
the world's most beautiful women, had her
younger sister Princess Arsinoe the 4th killed
and the princess is buried among the Ephesus
ruins in Izmir province.

Archaeologist Dr.Hilke Thuer of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences made the claim and
stated that "we haven't yet been able to do a
good DNA test on her bones because most of
the remains of Princess Arsinoe have disintigrated
in the intervening 2,000 years. We will be able to
confirm it though, by using new generation
forensic techniques, such as 3-dimensional

After the sisters' father died Roman Emperor
Julius Cesar supported Cleopatra for the throne
in Egypt.  Princess Arsinoe chose to side with
those opposing the Roman army. When Cesar
and Cleopatra won the war, Princess Arsinoe
was exiled to Ephesus. It is believed that
Cleopatra later saw her sister as a threat and had
her new lover Marc Antony kill her.

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