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Name Change But Same Game

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 March 2013)
Handsome is as handsome does.

In Istanbul, a swindler who allegedly identified
himself as the right hand of Fenerbahce football
club president Aziz Yildirim and the manager of
former Fenerbahce player Roberto Carlos has
been arrested.

Serkan Y.(44) lost his parents in 2007 and was
adopted by his aunt, an American citizen. In 2008
he changed his name and gained American citizenship.
Up to 2008 Serkan Y. was sought on 18 separate
charges of fraud but he picked up where he left off
with his new name. After his name change, though,
Serkan Y. was sought by police as Serkan A.

Identifying himself as Aziz Yildirim's assistant,
Serkan A. bilked 60 people out of 30,000TL each,
in the name of the Fenerbahce club. He was sought
on 30 separate charges and was finally arrested in
Kadikoy, Istanbul, based on a complaint from Ayse
O., from whom Serkan A. took 600,000TL with the
promise of "a house in the U.S. for half price."

Serkan A. denied all the charges and was released
pending trial.

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