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These Kids Today...

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 March 2013)
Sign, sign everywhere a sign...

In Kozan village of Geyve district, Sakarya province,
garden owner S.G. got angry at young people who
have been littering his garden and put a sign on a
tree to warn them. S.G. was upset by the youths
drinking alcohol alongside the village road and then
throwing their refuse onto his property.

S.G.'s warning notice read as follows: "Young people,
what you've done isn't worthy of human beings. Why
do you insist on throwing your beer bottles left and
right? Isn't a shame that there are bottle caps all over
the place? If I  catch you I know what I'll do with
those bottle caps!"

The village young people who came to the garden
and read the warning took a picture of it and then
shared it on social media.

Geyve district at bottom.

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