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MR Snafu: Same Name, Same Day

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 March 2013)
Looks young for 73...

On 30 January 2012 Ramazan Acikgoz (32),
an imam at Bayat Koyu Mosque in Duragan,
Sinop, and the father of two children, went
to Duragan State Hospital because of a severe
pain in his head. Acikgoz was then transferred
to Sinop Ataturk State Hospital.

As the result of an MR taken at the hospital,
four hernias were found in his neck and midsection
and an immediate operation was called for.
Acikgoz subsequently took the MR results to a
hospital in Istanbul and again an operation was

But Dr. Gokalp Silav, the brain and nerve surgeon
at the hospital who looked over the MR findings,
noticed that Acikgoz's birthdate was written as
1940. Acikgoz did some research and discovered
that he had been given the wrong MR results. It
turned out that a 73 year-old patient at the hospital
in Sinop with the same name had an MR taken the
same day and his results were given to Acikgoz.

On 26 February, Acikgoz filed a complaint with
the public prosecutor. After the operation decision
had been taken Acikgoz took medicine for 15 days.
He stated that "I've suffered both mentally and
materially. I was told I was very ill and had to have
an immediate operation but there were no hernias
in my neck or midsection. The MR results got mixed
up. If the doctor hadn't noticed it I would have had
an operation for no reason. A plate was going to be
attached to my spine. I was saved at the last minute."

Sinop Ataturk State Hospital officials have started
an administrative investigation into the matter.

Duragan at bottom right, in blue.

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