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Meal Late, Prosecutor Flips Out

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2013)
Just can't abide delayed gozleme.

Prosecutor Mehmet Ali Erbay, who serves in the
hall of justice in Istanbul, went to a tea garden
named Tropicana in Edremit and ordered a beer
and a gozleme (a thin-crusted pancake). The
prosecutor got agitated when the gozleme didn't
come soon enough so he went to the kitchen and
yelled "what moron, what retard is making the

The gozleme chef, Sabri Can, took exception
to this and countered with "How can you insult
me like this?! Can a moron make gozleme!"
Erbay responded by saying "who hired you, you
retard?!" and started to curse as the cafe workers
gathered around him. Erbay then told the cafe
owner, Yakup Karamese, "I'm a lead prosecutor!
Did you hire this retard?! I'll close this place, I'll
ruin you!"

Based on the owner's instructions, cafe worker
Burak Erdogan moved to take Erbay outside but
Erbay punched Erdogan, who fell to the ground.
The prosecutor then started fighting with the other
cafe workers and hit the ground, bloodying his nose.
Ultimately, some other customer rescued Erbay from
the workers.

Subsequently, Erbay screamed at cafe owner Akmese
and gozleme chef Can as they were taken into custody
by the Gendarmerie, bellowing "Now I'll *&^% your
mothers. I'll get this place closed down." Huseyin Cam,
a cafe worker, was punched in the chin by Erbay and
complaints against him were filed by 5 individual cafe
workers. An investigation has been started concerning
the prosecutor for "threats, insults and bodily harm".

The file on Erbay was sent to the Istanbul State
Prosecutor's Office since Erbay serves in Istanbul.
His trial is continuing in Istanbul's 18th Serious Crimes

Edremit district far left.

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