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Help From Above Invoked Willy-nilly

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(Internet news, 2 March 2013)
Let there be a district, and there was a district (hopefully!)

The citizens of the township of Mahmutlar in Alanya
were gathered together to say a prayer that their town
becomes a district. Along with the citizens,
Kargicak Mayor Zihni Asilturk, Mahmutlar Mayor
Ali Celik, Alanya Commerce and Industry Union
Chairman Mustafa Tuna and MHP Alanya District
Chief Cafer Uyar all came together in front of the
Mahmutlar Municipal Building.

The prayer was led by retired Imam Mehmet Korkmaz,
who intoned that "God willing, Mahmutlar will become
a district and  a district office will be established here,
along with a national education building." Those present
said "Amen" to this. Mahmutlar District Platform Chief
Sudi Candir noted in a press release that Mahmutlar's
population has exceeded 20,000 and that the township
is eligible to become a district.

Candar explained that they wanted to make their voices
heard on this matter and so the "district prayer" meeting
was organized. He added that they will not abandon their
struggle until the town becomes a district. He added that
"there's no reason we shouldn't be a district. No one has
told us 'you can't be a district.' This is our legal right.
We'll struggle to the end and achieve our right."

The participants then dispersed.
On the Mediterranean coast.

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 28 February 2013)
Some religious flattery couldn't hurt...

The prosecutor in the case against a "criminal organization'
involving the owner of Metro Tourism, Galip Ozturk, and 70
other suspects has asked for a sentence of up to 75 years for
Ozturk. In his plea to the Istanbul 23rd Serious Crimes Court,
though, Ozturk requested his own release, telling the judges
"with the power vested in you by the sacred cloak you wear,
I ask you to think again."

Invoking religious passages, as well, in his plea, Ozturk wrote
that "there are three kinds of judges. Two of them are in hell,
one of them is in heaven. The first knows the law but takes
sides and so cannot administer justice. The second gives a
decision without knowing the law. The third, however, knows
the law and gives a proper verdict. He's the one in heaven. You
judges are the ones that belong in heaven."

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