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Tales From the Crypt

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 July 2013)
Topcu (center) found a good hiding place.

The trial of six suspects, three of them in custody,
for involvement in a 950,000 TL fraud case in the
Samsun Municipality is continuing at Samsun First
Serious Crimes Court. One of the suspects, Mehmet
Topcu, has admitted to the charges, while the other
five have not.

In his courtroom defense, Topcu claimed that he could
prove the fraud by producing the false documents used and
the related telephone conversations and videos that would
show who conducted the fraud and how they did it. Topcu
said that he had buried all of this evidence and would show
police the place.

Consequently, yesterday Topcu was taken from the Samsun
E-type Prison and brought to Kirankoy Cemetary.  There
he showed the public prosecutor and his lawyer Suat Uzun
where he had hidden the documents. Under police escort,
two workers opened the front of the grave of  Topcu's
grandfather, Kamil Topcu, who died in 1995. Shortly
afterwards, a white bag emerged.

Inside the bag was a plastic water bottle with a flash drive
within.  Police extracted the flash drive and presented it
to the public prosecutor. Lawyer Suat Uzun asserted that
the contents of the flash drive would alter the course of the
trial, which will continue with its second hearing in August.


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