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4,000 year-old Burnt Brain's Secret

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 October 2013)

Scientists' efforts to solve the secret of  the burnt
brain found in 2010 at Seyitomer Hoyugu* in Kutahya
are continuing. The British scientific journal New Scientist
published an article focusing on alternative reasons for
the phenomenon.
Hittite version of Einstein's brain.

Dr. Meric Altinoz of Halic University provided an
evaluation to the magazine in which he posited that
the brain's owner had been buried in an earthquake or
volcanic eruption. Dr. Altinoz explained that in the ensuing
fire the oxygen was used up so the brain did not putrify
and disintegrate. He suggested that the potassium, magnesium
and aluminum in the alluvial soil may have enveloped the
brain like a candle and prevented its deterioration.

* Seytomer Hoyugu is an ancient (1800 BC) Hittite burial ground
located about 25 kilometers northwest of Kutahya city.


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