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Rookie Kidnappers Turn Tail

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 October 2013)

Kidnapping not for sissies.

Electrician Erhan Geckin has rented space in
the store of Ayhan Vardar, who has household
appliance stores in Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdag
province, for a long time. But Geckin came up with
a plan to kidnap the seven year-old daughter of
Vardar, who lives in the same building.

Geckin's son Ismail Geckin works in the store with
his father. Ismail,  Ugur K. and Semih K. kidnapped
the young girl as she left the house and headed for
the market, hustling her into a car. The kidnappers
headed toward Saray and at the town of Kapakli they
all transferred to the car of Erhan Geckin, who was
waiting for them there.

However, the kidnappers saw a Gendarmerie vehicle
at Yenikoy town, got scared and put the child out of
the car. The young girl was found crying by the side of
the road and returned to her family.

The girl didn't say anything about her kidnappers and
they all returned to work the next day as if nothing had
happened. Police, though, became suspicious of Erhan
Geckin, began listening to his phone calls and solved
the crime. The suspects were all taken into custody and
confessed that they kidnapped the girl in hopes of a
two million TL ransom.

Erhan Geckin and two of his accomplices were arrested
by the court.

Tekirdag province.

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