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Duped and Duped Again...and Again

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 October 2013)

Like shooting ducks in a barrel.

In Adana, a young woman who says that she was
defrauded by a 'medium' who read her fortune has
found relief with the public prosecutor. A case has
been opened against the suspect for "fraud based on
religious exploitation."

G.O. (26), who lives in Istanbul, contacted Leman H.
via the internet site "Sevda Medyum" last year and explained
that she was having trouble with her boyfriend. Leman H.
said that she was a medium and that she would look at her
tarot cards for G.O., for 80 TL. G.O. sent the money to Leman

Leman H. told G.O. over the phone that G.O. had a curse on
herself  and that this curse would have to be broken, otherwise
her boyfriend would marry someone else. Not wanting to lose
her boyfriend, G.O. sent Leman H. 500 TL right away to break
the curse.

About a month later, G.O. again called Leman H., who told her that
"there's no one else in your boyfriend's life. He wants to come back
to you but someone is preventing this. Send another 500 TL and I'll
break the curse."  G.O. sent this money, as well. Nevertheless, the
boyfriend did not return to G.O. so she called Leman H. once more.
This time Leman H. said "I'll get your boyfriend back to you but you
have to send me another 1,000 TL."

G.O. sent the money  but nothing happened. When Leman H. asked
for still more money G.O. realized (!) that she was being hoodwinked
and sought relief from the public prosecutor. A sentence of  seven
years has been requested by the prosecutor for "fraud by exploitation
of  religious beliefs and emotions". As for Leman H., she claimed that
"what I did was legal. I even have a tax certificate."

Adana, where the ducks are medium-rare.

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