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Bridezilla, a Month Later, Divorcing

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 October 2013)

Bridezilla (center) in happier days.

Dr. Ali Kosar, who teaches at a private university
and who has won the TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific
Institute) scientific prize, filed a divorce suit against
his wife of one month Gulum Kosar.  Kosar's father,
Ibrahim Kosar, took the stand as a witness.

Gulum's father-in-law testified as follows: "she moved
the henna party date to another date without telling us
so we couldn't go.  I sent the bride and groom off  to a
honeymoon but they went into the hotel early. Because
the room wasn't ready my daughter-in-law made a scene.
She called me and said 'how could you make a reservation
like this?!'. In fact, she locked herself in the bathroom."

"One night my wife took ill and I tried to reach my son
but I couldn't. So I called my daughter-in-law three times
and she hung up on me each time. Then she told my son
that I was harassing her on the telephone."

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