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Istanbul Murder: Ready-made B Movie Script

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 23 October 2013)

Casting for lead role underway.

Businessman Ramzi Matta, a Ukrainian citizen of
Egyptian descent, came to Istanbul on 14 June from Ukraine
with his partner, Kiannosh R.M., a German of Iranian descent.
Hearing nothing from Matta after this date, his family filed a
missing persons report with the Ukrainian Consulate General
in Istanbul.

On 21 August, Istanbul police found a body in a vacant lot in
Basaksehir. The body had been torn apart by street dogs but
police managed to collect some bones and skull parts. Together
with plastic handcuffs and clothes, all the collected material was
sent to the police forensics lab.

A DNA test confirmed that the body was that of Ramzi Matta.
Police then traced Matta's movements from the moment he
entered Turkey at Ataturk International Airport. Security camera
images were reviewed one by one and in the end the trail led to
a factory in Bagcilar.
Last scene, last seen.

According to police accounts, the murder evolved thusly: Syrian
grain trader Samir F. made a 14 million USD agreement with
Matta, who conducted business in Ukraine,  through Kiannosh R.M.,
for two ships filled with grain. The money was sent to Matta but
no grain was loaded onto the ships.

Holding Kiannosh R.M. responsible for being hoodwinked, Samir F.
told Kiannosh R.M. to clean up the mess. Kiannosh persuaded Matta
to get 5 million Euros in credit from an Istanbul bank to repay his
debt to Samir F. and brought Matta to the factory in Bagcilar, Istanbul.
Here Matta was surrendered to Samir F. and his men.

Matta was then killed by Macedonian Slovan P., whom police determined
Kiannosh R.M. had brought to Istanbul a day before the murder. Kiannosh
R.M. took Slovan P. back to Germany the day after the murder.  Samir F.
has confirmed the commercial disagreement with Matta but claimed that
he had no knowledge of the murder.

Contact has been established with Interpol for the arrest of Iraqi, Ukrainian,
Syrian and Serbian suspects in the case. Turkish police conducted raids
simultaneously the day before yesterday in Hatay and Istanbul, taking 11
people into custody, three of them foreigners.


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