7 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

Daughter Pays Dearly for Dad's 'Honor'

honor links to related article in Hurriyet Newspaper

(Posta Newspaper, 5 October 2013)

Has that honorable look, henceforth.

In Gaziantep, Ayfer Gulecoglu (18) fled to the home of
her sweetheart Ali C. (28) when her family wouldn't grant
permission for them to marry. Subsequently, though, her
father Salih Gulecoglu (62), a retired watchman, sent word
to Ali C. that he was agreeable to the marriage.

Salih Gulecoglu told Ali C. to bring Ayfer back home and
both families then resoved to have the couple get engaged
on 5 October. Thinking all was well, Ali C. brought Ayfer
back to her father's home the day before yesterday.

Yesterday morning Salih took Ayfer to the fruit orchards in
Sam village, supposedly just for an outing. The father then
shot the daughter with a revolver. Afterwards, Salih called
the 155 police line (911) and said "I've killed my daughter
and cleansed my honor. Come to the fruit orchards and pick
me up."  


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