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Vigil at Prison for Swallowed Diamond

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 October 2013)

Ukrainian diamond-swallowing trick.

A Ukrainian tourist was caught at the Covered Bazar
trying to cover up his thievery by swallowing with
sleight of hand a diamond he had stolen. Consequently,
there's a state of alert regarding his intestines at the prison
he's being held at.

According to information obtained by Sabah's Special
Intelligence Unit, the state prosecutor has written a letter
to the administrators of the Maltepe prison instructing
them not to let the diamond fall into the sewerage system
there. The prisoner cannot use a toilet and must defecate
in a bowl instead.

The prison is now on alert with these instructions. However,
the suspect, Ukrainian Nikolay Nikolayevic (30) claims that
the diamond is his own and has gone on a hunger stike to
avoid having to use the 'facilities'.

The diamond that has caused such a fuss at the prison was
stolen last Saturday at the Covered Bazar when Nikolayevic
swallowed the 20,000 TL diamond and tried to replace it
with an imitation diamond. The jeweler, though, recognized
the fake diamond, shut the store and called security. Nikolayevic
was taken into custody and sent to Maltepe prison.

An x-ray ordered by the prosecutor revealed that the diamond
was in fact in Nikolayevic's large intestine. Doctors considered
a vacuum technique or an operation to get at the diamond but
ultimately decided to let nature take its course. That's when the
prosecutor ordered that Nikolayevic not be allowed to use the
toilets at the prison. But now the prisoner is refusing to evacuate
his bowels.

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