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Ruthless Thieves' Home Invasion

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 October 2013)

No country for old folks.

In Basaran town of Kuyucak district, Aydin province,
someone knocked on the door of the Kurtoglu couple
at 0330 in the morning. Reportedly, two people for whom
Emine Kurtoglu (75)  opened the door pushed her down and
headed for the bedroom. The two thieves beat Ibrahim
Kurtoglu (93), who had woken up because of the noise, as
they screamed "where's the money?!"

When Ibrahim claimed there wasn't any money the thieves
dragged him to the balcony and threw him off. Falling onto
the cement from the 3.5 meter balcony, Ibrahim lost his life.
The attackers next went after Emine, who began to scream,
and threw her off the balcony, as well.

Son Mehmet on fatal balcony.

Neighbor Atalay Demir noticed the elderly couple lying in
a pool of blood as he headed for his field in the morning. A
rescue squad came and took the badly injured Emine to Aydin
State Hospital.

In the statement he gave to the Gendarmerie, the couple's son Mehmet
Kurtoglu said that "last month four 'bohcaci' (ladies selling cloth) came
to my parents' house. My father told my mother to 'get 50 TL from upstairs'
for a bedspread cover and one of the 'bohcaci' followed my mother. Having
learned where the money was kept they came back to get the remaining 950
TL. We think this is how the incident occurred."

Kuyucak district on far right.

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