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Out From Under the Prayer Rug

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 October 2013)

T.Y. (25) was to be married off as a 'kuma' (spare wife)
for money to her married cousin in Diyarbakir but she
ran away and took refuge with her older sister and her
husband Mehmet Yakinda (35).

Mesut Y. - a real rugrat.

On 12 April 2012, T.Y.'s father came to Yakinda's clothing
store and told Yakinda to give up his daughter. Yakinda,
however, believing that his sister-in-law's life was in danger,
refused. T.Y.'s father, Mesut Y., then killed Yakinda with a

Gendarmerie teams learned from a tip that murder suspect
Mesut Y.  was hiding out in a house in Kirikkasik village of
Hazro district and the teams raided the house yesterday. Mesut
Y. could not be found so the Gendarmie kept tabs on his common
law wife Meyase Zaman (55) who had been praying since the
raid began.

After praying for a while Meyase Zaman said in Kurdish "why
aren't they leaving?". A Gendarmerie soldier who heard this told
Meyase Zaman to move off to the side and he then lifted the prayer
run she had been kneeling on. Under the rug was a hole where
Mesut Y. was hiding. The soldiers entered into the hole and arrested
Mesut Y.

Hazro district is east of  Diyarbakir city.

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