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Canakkale Tough on Bridegrooms

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 October 2013)

//ed. note: see blog item of 24 September 2013, regarding the
unusual treatment of grooms in Kumburun village, Ezine district,
Camouflaged anti-bridegroom commandos.

The 200 year-old Arap Deve Festival in Torhasan village of Yenice
district in Canakkale province, is tough on bridegrooms who take
girls from the village but enjoyable for the townsfolk. According to
the tradition, young men in the village paint their faces black and don
'ferace' (long full coat worn by regional women). They also attach
wheat stalks to their heads and tie bells and jingles to their belts.
Beating a drum, the youths parade around the village and play games.

Next, the "cold torture" begins for bridegrooms who take girls from
the village. The youths gather these bridegrooms, coming from outside
the village for the 'bayram' (Kurban Bayrami, the feast of sacrifice),
and demand that they perform impossible tasks. When the bridegrooms
inevitably fail they are thrown into a pool of freezing water.
Shivering, the bridegrooms emerge from the pool and head for their
homes, while the locals enjoy the spectacle.

Ezine & Yenice: bridegroom-unfriendly

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