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Drug Kingpin Only 'Mostly' Dead

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 October 2013)

Back from the grave.

An investigation has been opened concering officials
at the Yuksekova (Hakkari Province, in far southeastern
Turkey) Census Directorate who listed Mehdi Serdar as
'deceased'. Serdar was captured last week along with 346 kilograms
of heroin in an operation conducted by the Istanbul police, with
support from MIT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization.)

Teams from the Istanbul police narcotics squad started technical
surveillance of Serdar 13 months ago after getting a tip from MIT.
Serdar's relatives, knowing that two arrest warrants had been
issued for Serdar and conscious of the likelihood of telephone
surveillance, repeatedly said during phone conversations that
"Medhi died. Too bad. May God rest his soul."

According to official records, Mehdi Serdar died on 20 September
2011 and was dropped from the census roles. However, reports
surfaced that Serdar had been seen coming to and leaving his house.
Police surveillance also confirmed that he had met with his gang.
MIT also had information that Serdar was alive.  All this was put in
his interrogation file.

During one police search of Serdar's home in Bahcesehir (Istanbul),
his wife scolded police, saying "why are you searching a dead man's
home? My husband is dead."

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