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It'll Do Till the Real Mess Gets Here...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 October 2013)

One person CAN make a difference -
instigator Halil Parmaksiz.

In Kucuknaneli village of Akcakale district, Sanliurfa
province, an armed clash that arose because of a bride
matter turned into a blood feud. Halil Parmaksiz (20) killed
his uncle who bears the same name: Halil Parmaksiz. In the
same fight, the young Halil Parmaksiz (whose surname
translates to 'fingerless') went blind and his father, Ahmet
Parmaksiz, was paralyzed.

Halil Parmaksiz went to jail but was released because of his
blindness. Ahmet Parmaksiz, who has 8 children and 12
grandchildren, left his home and fields in the village and
fled, in fear of a blood feud, to the city. The family - all the
children, one of whom is handicapped, and the grandchildren -
is now living in a two-room rented home.  These 20 people,
none of whom is working, are in a life or death struggle.

But the family, though fearful of an attack, is able to breathe
easier thanks to the intervention of the region's peace ambassador,
Dr. Feridun Oncel.  Halil Parmaksiz had this to say about the
situation: "look at the cost of one moment's anger. We had
a chain-reation of tragedies. My conscience is bothering me."

Akcakale is on the Syrian border.

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