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'Ocean's 11' Turkish Version; Success Short-lived

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 October 2013)

Turkish version not as slick.

A jewelry store located in a hotel in Colakli town,
Manavgat district, Antalya province, was robbed
with a plan that rivals movie scenarios. Rahmi B. (49),
who worked at the store, explained his plan to rob the
store of its 1 million TL worth of jewelry to Abdurrahman
C., who is already facing 49 years in jail for various crimes.
Rahmi B. promised Abdurrahman C. 40,000 TL for the job.

Abdurrahman C. accepted the deal and got a 'cloned' key
for the store from Rahmi B. Together with his girlfriend
Hanife S., Abdurrahman C. checked into room 3214 of the
hotel as guests, knowing that the hotel had no security cameras.
Their partners in the crime, Olcay G. and his girlfriend Bediha
C., also checked into the hotel.

In the planning stage of the heist the robbers found out from
Rahmi B. that the jewelry store's security camera system was
out of order. Then, on the night of 13 October, they went into
action, entering the store with the cloned key and taking 800,000 TL
worth of jewelry. Early the next morning they checked out of the hotel
and left in a rented car.
Pretty fancy target.

The heist was detected in the morning. Police found that there were
no fingerprints, the door had not been forced  and the alarm and
camera systems were not working. Thinking that the robbery was
likely an inside job, police checked a list of former employees, hotel
guest records from the previous week and vehicles that had entered
and exited the district frequently.

As a result of interrogations, Rahmi B. was identified as a suspect. Also,
the Gendarmerie obtained information about Abdurrahman C., Hanife S.,
Olcay G. and Bediha C. from the hotel guest registry. After 10 days of
investigation, police conducted  raids the night before last and captured
Abdurrahman C., who had checked into another hotel with a fake ID card.
At the time of his capture, Abdurrahman C. had three gold rings and the
cloned key in his possession.

In his statement, Abdurrahman C. confessed to the crime and provided
police with the names and addresses of his cohorts. Olcay G., Musa O.
and Volkan C. were picked up in Antalya and Rahmi B., Aslan H.,
Nuri D. and Aslan A. were arrested in Manavgat. Hanife S. and Bediha C.
remain at large and the jewels are missing, as well.

Manavgat district is in central Antalya.

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