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Granny's Purse Sacrificed but Redeemed

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(Turkiye Newspaper, 10 October 2013)

Fatma and handbag before...

In Bolu, the handbag of Fatma Kalyoncu (80), containing
780 TL that she had just withdrawn from a bank, was
blown up on a bench where she had forgotten it.

Today at around noon, citizens noticed the handbag lying
on the bench on Izzet Baysal Boulevard, which is closed
to vehicular traffic, and called police. Strict security measures
were taken on the street and a bomb-disposal expert examined
the purse, then attached a fuse to it. Citizens behind the security
barrier took pictures of the scene with their cellphones.

...and after.

After the handbag exploded shredded banknotes were scattered
all over the street.  Police gathered up the damaged money and
put it into an evidence bag. Meanwhile, Fatma Kalyoncu went
to the police station to explain that she had withdrawn her 780 TL
retirement pay from the bank and then forgot her handbag on the

In total the police gathered 1,300 TL of damaged banknotes after
the explosion and went to the bank with Fatma. There, bank officials
took receipt of the shredded money and gave Fatma new banknotes.
After the incident Fatma explained that she had gone off to buy herself
a new dress and had absent mindedly left her handbag on the bench:
"I went to buy a dress and then realized I didn't have my bag. The
money for the sacrifice (sheep, goat) I was going to buy for Kurban
Bayrami (Feast of Sacrifice) was in my bag. There was a total of
1,300 TL in it."

Bolu province.

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