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American With an Archeologic Conscience

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 February 2014)

Kidnapped amphoras back home - no ransom paid.

Good news has come from the USA in regard to
the Culture and Tourism Ministry's efforts to
regain historical treasures stolen from Anatolia.

An American named Rick O'Ryan came to the
Turkish cultural attache's office in Washington
and explained how impressed he has been with
Turkey's efforts in recent years to reclaim its
historical treasures.

It turns out that Rick's father William O'Ryan
worked in Turkey in the early 1950's and took
two historical amphoras with him when he returned
to the USA.  Rick wanted to give them back to

Ministry experts went to America to study the
amphoras and determined that they are originals
from the late Eastern Roman period, circa 8 A.D.
The experts contacted O'Ryan and thanked him
for his good will gesture. 

The two amphoras have been speedily repatriated
to their homeland and under safekeeping at the
Anatolian Civilizations Museum Directorate in

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