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Donkey Party Gets No Respect, Dissolves

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 3 February 2014)

              Looks like any other politıcian...

In Süleymaniye city, in the Kurdistan region
of Iraq, Omer Kalol established the Kurdistan
Donkey Party nine years ago with the aim of
paying respect to the animals. However, Kalol
has become fed up with the ridicule and lack of
interest in the party so he has dissolved it.

Thirty five years ago, a group of animal lovers
in the Kurdish region of Iraq formed the Kurdistan
Donkey Group and in 2005 it was transformed into
a party in Süleymaniye. The party inaugurated a
bust of its hero, dressed in a suit and tie, in the city
center in 2012 at a cost of 4,000 dollars.

According to Kurdish internet sites, the party was
planning to open a radio station named Ziran ('bray',
as in a donkey's braying). The party aimed, as well,
to promote respect and better treatment for animals,
primarily donkeys, in the Kurdish region. It even
had an environmentalist  political manifesto called
'Kername' (donkey's declaration).

Although it would have been meager, the party
rejected budgetary support offered by the Kurdish
government. Its party members were known by
the nicknames 'little donkey', 'saddled donkey' and
'old donkey'.

Party chief Kalol noted that he has struggled for
years on behalf of the donkeys in the Kurdish region
and he added that "donkeys have always been a
part of the Kurdish struggle, bearing the loads of
Kurdish militants throughout the years on the
mountain slopes. Nevertheless, they never got the
respect they deserved. However much our group
was at odds with Kurdish traditions and customs,
we had a message that we wanted to communicate
to people. But they didn't understand our message
and consequently I and my family have become
targets of ridicule. So we had to dissolve the party.

                                             Kurdish region of northern Iraq

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