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Panty Raider Jailed; Bald Police Unwanted

Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 19 February 2014)

//ed. note: this is a follow-up report to our item
of 13 September 2013//

      Panty Raider Tuna Nar

In Adana, the youth who was caught five months
ago in the garden of a house with a bag full of 43
pieces of women's underwear was released but
two hours later he was arrested for stealing a cellphone.
Now he has been sentenced to 1 year 3 months in jail.

The underwear incident occurred on the night of 13
September 2013 in Yüreğir district, when 28 year-old
furniture worker Tuna Nar entered the garden of a
citizen named S.G.  Neighbors alerted poliçe and
Nar was caught with 43 stolen women's underwear
items in a bag. Nar, who has a record, was released
pending trial but two hours later he was arrested for
stealing a cellphone.

In his statement, Nar explained that he was on drugs
and didn't know what he was doing. He expressed
regret but the judge sentenced Nar to 1 year 3 months
in jail for "attempted theft and violating the sanctity
of a home." Because Nar has an arrest record the
sentence was not postponed.

Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 18 February 2014)

This time some shoots budding up there.

The Parliamentary Petition Commission has become
the setting for an interesting application made by a
citizen who, although he passed the test,  was denied
a spot on the police force because he is bald.

Atakan Yılmaz (25) of Aksaray explained to the
commission that he finished two universities and passed
the police test but was told at a interview at the Police
Profession Training Center (POMEM) in 2013 that
"you're being excluded because you're bald."

Yılmaz thought about taking his complaint to administrative
court and stated that "the Security General Directorate's
action had a detrimental and degrading effect" on his morale.
The commission forwarded Yılmaz's complaint to the
Interior Ministry, which responded as follows: "the first
phase of the evaluation selection process, conducted on
24 October 2013 at the Second Council of the Adana
Regional Center, was done in accordance with the
Security Directorate Health Regulations." 

The ruling went on to state that the candidate's hair type
is Type-4 and people with this hair condition cannot be
candidates at POMEM. Consequently, the decision to
exclude Yılmaz was correct. 

Undeterred, Yılmaz said that he will get hair implants
and enter the candidate process anew.

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