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Wild Hostage Drama in Kadıköy

Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 8 February 2014)

Kadir E. and Irmak G. in happier, pre-hostage days

In Kadıköy, Istanbul, Kadir E. held his transsexual
lover, who wanted to break up with him,  and two
friends hostage at knifepoint for two days before
being captured in an operation. The incident
occurred on Erguvan Street in the Fenerbahçe
neighborhood at 1230, the night before last.

Kadir E. was sharing the same house with his
transsexual lover Irmak G. On the night of the
incident, while chatting with transsexual Irem
M.O. and friend Emre K., Irmak G. said that he/she
wanted to break up with Kadir E.  Unable to bear
this insult to his pride, Kadir E. threatened to kill
everyone and burn the house down.

Some 48 hours later, Irmak G. was able to send
a phone message to a friend explaining that they
were being held hostage. Later, when the poliçe
arrived, Kadir E., realizing that he would be captured,
set the curtains on fire.

At this point, Irmak G. and Irem M.O. were able to
escape but Kadir E. held his knife to Emre K.'s throat
and screamed "I'll kill this one!"  A SWAT team
then stormed the house and subdued Kadir Ê.

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